Metal surface treatment
in proven quality

We have 40 years of experience from aeronautical, military and electro-technical industry. We are specialized in as electrolytic so chemical plating and wet painting.

MESIT galvanica

MESIT galvanica

Partner for demanding consumer

We use the last technology, the best materials.

Verifying the quality of surface treatment in own laboratory in accordance with ISO 9001.

In order to confirm the required quality, our laboratory is being equipped with X-Ray, and also with optical and electronic measuring instruments.

Our strengths

Our strengths

Wide range of services, flexibility, quality

We offer high quality surface treatment in optimal and guaranteed delivery time.

Wide range of services with non-ferrous metals – silvering, copper, tin, nickel and electroless nickel.

There are only a few plants in Czech republic, which are able to make silvering of aluminium, aluminium alloys, aluminium castings, invar and stainless steel - and we are one of them.

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26. 2. 2024

Stříbro v MESITu

Je všeobecně známo, že lidé v našich společnostech MESIT mají zlaté ruce. Málokdo však ví o stříbrném pokladu, který se ukrývá v našem areálu!