Verifying the quality according to ISO 9001 in own laboratory. The quality laboratory is equiped with the latest X-RAY, optical and electronic measurement tools.

Fischerscope X-RAY XDL-B

Fischerscope X-RAY XDL-B

High performance roentgen fluorescent measuring tool with energy scattering

Use for measure the layer thickness

Able to analyse material by roentgen fluorescent method

Measure layers:

  • single layers Zn, Ni, Cu, Ag, Sn, ect.
  • double layers like Sn/Cu, Ag/Ni, ect.

Measuring of layer thickness by two methods

First method is magnetic induction and the second one the swirling flow.

Most often we use this method to measure thickness of anodizing.



All atested parts, including painted parts, go through quality inspection and get Certificate of quality of surface treatment, which confirm, that surface treatment was made in full quality, corresponds with customer requirements and is in compliance with the given technical specification and with valid related standards.

Together with the Certificate it is also possible to raise a report with measured values of required layer.

Mesit galvanica is holder of certificate quality management system in surface treatment and painting.

Quality policy

The quality of surface finishing has a very important role in relation to sales and overall product quality. Mostly the surface treatment is the final operation before finalization of the parts.

Quality of work at both electroplating and paint plant for the customer becomes crucial in relation to the aesthetic and functional specification of the product.