According to strategy plan and goals of company, we offer services in surface treatment of metal parts using electrolytic, or electroless plating, and wet painting.


The quality of surface finishing has a very important role in relation to sales and overall product quality. Mostly the surface treatment is the final operation before finalization of the parts. Quality of work at both electroplating and paint plant for the customer becomes crucial in relation to the aesthetic and functional specification of the product.

Our company still want to keep high technical and quality standards of services. Customer must be sure of fact, that surface treatment in our company are the best. The strategy and being of company depends primarily on quality of products.

Goals of quality

Customer orientation – all-embracing satisfaction of customer needs means perfectly managed technology, accepting the customer needs, accepting delivery time, effective and active communication with customers and guarantee of consulting and service.

Supplier relationships – cooperate only with verified suppliers, require only the best quality and affordably price, follow the rules for environmental protection, find and verify new suppliers, get new technological informations from suppliers and use their technical consulting.

Employee relationships – stabilize employee, increase their satisfaction by improving working environment, technology tools, equipment of workplace, support professional growth, use knowledges, skills and abilities all of them.

Development of quality system – – use and still get better certificated system of quality management according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009, develop new technology and use the latest knowledges and methods ensuring prove of quality and reliability offered services, apply team-work during make decision and solve quality problems.

Incessant progress – ensure economic growth of company by growth of labour productivity, technical innovations of current proceses, introduce new, more efficient technologies, taking care of environment, broaden employees horizons in ecology and education, gradually reduce dangerous chemical substance according to RoHS.

Fullfillment of the quality policy has to be taken like a process of still getting better with customers, employees and other trading partners. Wirth using of expert knowledges and management work the guarantee certainty and prosperity of company can be assured.

Uherské Hradiště 28. 1. 2014

Ing. Miroslav Toman, MBA, managing director