In the field of varnish coating, we offer comprehensive services from the preparation of the product surface to the final finishing. We use the highest quality coating compositions.

Highly durable and attractive surface protection

Highly durable and attractive surface protection

Wet coating offers a range of benefits including high surface quality, corrosion protection, application speed, buildable colour, improved adhesion and easier repairs. A virtually unlimited range of colours is also a big bonus. These benefits make it a popular choice for many different applications in both industrial and household environments.

Why wet coating?

Surface quality: wet coating allows to achieve a high quality and uniform surface. The uniform application of the liquid varnish minimises the appearance of unwanted textures such as grooves or unevenness.

Corrosion protection: it provides excellent corrosion protection, especially if a quality paint material is used and the application process is carried out correctly. This type of coating is often used to protect metal surfaces that are prone to oxidation and corrosion. It also boasts high resistance to various acids and oils.

Application speed: compared to some other coating methods, such as powder coating, wet coating can be quicker and easier. This leads to a faster production process and reduced costs.

Buildable colour: wet coating allows application of several layers of varnish to a surface, providing flexibility in achieving the desired look or protection. This colour layering ability also allows specific effects to be achieved, such as gloss, matt or semi-matt surfaces.

High adhesion: wet coating can be used on virtually any surface, adheres well and is less prone to peeling or scratching.

Easier repairs: if a surface is damaged or needs to be touched up, wet coating makes repairs relatively easy and quick. This is advantageous in situations where it is necessary to react quickly to surface damage.

Variety of colours: this method allows virtually any colour shade to be mixed.

What coating compositions do we use?

What coating compositions do we use?
  • Synthetic
  • Polyurethane
  • Epoxy
  • Acrylic

Our work complies with strict ISO9001 and AS9100 standards to ensure the highest quality standards.

However, a flawless surface cannot be achieved without proper pre-treatment, which is thorough degreasing of the parts. This is done either directly at our workplace or in cooperation with our galvanizing plant. If necessary (if there are holes, grooves or indentations on the surface of the part) we also carry out filling and grinding. For extra colour quality, varnish baking in an oven can also be carried out.

The maximum dimensions of the parts are 1200 x 1000 x 800 mm.

Wet coating in Uherské Hradiště

Wet coating in Uherské Hradiště

We carry out wet coating at our headquarters in Uherské Hradiště at the MESIT facility and our services are appreciated by customers not only in the Zlín region, but throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

The MESIT facility can be found on Sokolovská St. in Mařatice. At this place, we provide not only electroplating services but also comprehensive services in engineering: production of castings, CNC machining, high-quality surface protection of various surfaces, etc.