We offer electroless nickel plating – a metal surface treatment process that protects your products and enhances their technical properties. Our specialised electroless nickel plating services are carried out with a focus on the highest quality in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 4527.

Why is electroless nickel plating performed?

Why is electroless nickel plating performed?

The ideal solution for products made of thin and fragile materials

Electroless nickel plating is a method of metal surface treatment characterized by specific properties compared to conventional electrolytic nickel plating.

Electroless nickel plating is ideal for products with very precise dimensions, where it is crucial to maintain precision and protect these precise dimensions. It is also suitable for complex-shaped surfaces where this treatment can achieve a uniform and consistent nickel coating.

One of the main advantages over electrolytic nickel plating is that the risk of product deformation is minimised, especially for thin and brittle materials. By using this method of surface treatment, you can be sure that your product will remain in its exact dimensions and original shape even after the process is complete.

Our medium-phosphorus electroless nickel plating processes are suitable for:

  • aluminium and its alloys,
  • copper,
  • non-ferrous metals,
  • steel,
  • stainless steel.

Nickel coating:

  • increases resistance to corrosion, wear and other adverse effects,
  • preserves the exact dimensions and quality of the product,
  • improves product appearance.

Our equipment allows for the barrel nickel plating of smaller parts, ensuring efficiency and speed in the production process.

In electroless nickel plating, we place special emphasis on maintaining the exact dimensions of your products. This care is especially crucial for technically demanding applications where even a small deviation can have a significant impact on the final product. With our expertise and precision, you can be assured that your products will not only have an excellent finish, but also retain their exact dimensions.

Our equipment is capable of electroless nickel plating on products up to 500 x 650 x 250 mm.

Our electroless nickel plating services are in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 4527.

Electroless nickel plating in Uherské Hradiště

Electroless nickel plating in Uherské Hradiště

Electroless nickel plating takes place in our galvanizing plant at the MESIT facility, which can be found on Sokolovská St. in Mařatice. Our services are appreciated by customers not only in the Zlín region, but throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

In the MESIT facility, we provide not only electroplating services but also comprehensive services in engineering: production of castings, CNC machining, high-quality surface protection of various surfaces, etc.