Tin plating is one of the specialised metal surface treatments offered by our galvanizing plant. This technique is used to improve surface protection, increase electrical conductivity and obtain other technical and physical properties. With our tin plating, you can expect high-quality protection and improved properties for your products, which is crucial for their optimal performance and reliability.

What is tin plating for?

What is tin plating for?

The tin coating creates a protective barrier between the metal and the external environment, preventing corrosion and wear. Tin is also a good conductor of electricity, so tin plating increases the electrical conductivity of the surface, which is useful for electronics and various electrically conductive applications.


Tin plating is a suitable surface treatment for:

  • aluminium and its alloys,
  • copper,
  • non-ferrous metals,
  • steel,
  • stainless steel.

Tin coating:

  • provides improved protection against corrosion and oxidative wear,
  • improves the surface properties of metals,
  • significantly increases the electrical conductivity of the surface,
  • adds aesthetic appeal.

This surface treatment protects your product from the elements, gives it a professional appearance and increases its overall value.

Increased electrical conductivity improves the continuity and efficiency of electrical current, which is crucial for optimal performance of electronic devices. Tin plating allows electronic components to transmit signals more easily and reliably, improving the overall reliability and quality of electronic devices.

Tin plating can give the surface of products a glossy or matt appearance.

To achieve specific surface properties, we offer the option of rack tin plating with an intermediate layer of nickel or copper. This combination enhances the protection and aesthetics of the surface.

Tin plating can be used as a final coating for products that require a combination of protection and aesthetics. This technique provides reliable protection against corrosion, giving products an elegant appearance and a professional finish. The combination of aesthetics and safety makes tin plating a great choice for products that need to impress with their appearance while remaining durable in a variety of conditions.

Our equipment allows for the barrel tin plating of smaller parts, ensuring efficiency and speed in the production process. With this bulk processing capability, we can cover a large number of small parts in a short period of time, making it ideal for industrial needs and larger batch production.

Our plating process uses food-safe tin, which is essential for food and beverage applications.

Our equipment is capable of rack plating on products up to 1300 x 650 x 300 mm.

Tin plating in Uherské Hradiště

Tin plating in Uherské Hradiště

Tin plating takes place at our MESIT facility.

We tin plate metals at our headquarters in Uherské Hradiště and our services are appreciated by customers not only in the Zlín region, but throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

The MESIT facility can be found on Sokolovská St. in Mařatice. In this facility, we provide not only electroplating services but also comprehensive services in engineering: production of castings, CNC machining, high-quality surface protection of various surfaces, etc.