We offer anodizing of aluminium as well as its alloys and castings. We have the know-how backed by fifty years of experience in operating our company and supplies of components to the aerospace and defence industries.

Anodizing of aluminium as well as its alloys and castings

Anodizing of aluminium as well as its alloys and castings

Large product range for aluminium anodizing in many colour variants

Our anodizing plant in Uherské Hradiště specializes in anodizing aluminium, its alloys and castings. We offer a wide range of specific as well as combined solutions for surface protection and treatment, especially for complex-shaped products. Our aim is to increase the durability and resistance of your products with an emphasis on aesthetic appearance. We can create a large range of colour options to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

We carefully check the quality of all anodized parts

Our services are implemented in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 7599 and MIL-DTL8625 standards; this guarantees the quality and reliability of the production process as a whole. With us, you can be sure that your aluminium products are better protected, look great and will stand the test of time.

Anodizing - what is it?

Anodizing - what is it?

Aluminium anodizing as a high-quality method of metal surface protection to increase wear resistance of parts

Anodizing, or anodic oxidation, is a sophisticated process of surface treatment for aluminium materials, during which a protective oxide layer is formed on the part surface. This robust and durable layer significantly increases the material's resistance to wear and corrosion and is also aesthetically attractive. The anodizing process is performed in sulfuric acid (using the GS method), which allows for a large range of colour variations and results in surfaces that protect your aluminium products while adding aesthetic appeal and elegance. With our anodizing process, your products get excellent protection and unique visual appearance.

Our offer in metal anodizing

Our offer in metal anodizing

We are a reliable supplier with years of experience in supplying the aerospace and defence industries

We offer a large range of surface treatments, which makes us the most suitable solution for your projects in the field of electrical engineering, aerospace, defence and many other industries.

Precision treatment including alkaline pickling

We monitor the exact dimensions of your products and ensure that the anodizing process does not affect their geometry. Our precision work and attention to detail ensures that your products leave our facility with a flawless surface finish, with no changes to their original shape or size. Customer trust is key to us, which is why we emphasize quality in every step of our anodizing process.

The anodizing process includes alkaline pickling and sealing of the formed layer.

Before the actual process, we implement alkaline pickling. This step guarantees perfect surface cleanliness and optimum adhesion of the oxide layer. Our focus on detail and precision in the preparation process ensures that each product is prepared to undergo the anodizing process with maximum efficiency.

Variety of anodizing colours

Variety of anodizing colours

We offer black, red, blue, orange, green and bronze anodized surface

We offer the option of colourless and coloured surfaces to suit your individual requirements. Your vision and needs are key to us and thus we are ready to tailor our services to make your products shine both visually and in practical applications.

Hot and cold sealing for surface resistance

Long-term protection of anodized metal surfaces even under adverse conditions

To ensure lasting surface protection, we seal the surface under different temperature conditions. This important step ensures that the product surface can withstand not only normal wear and tear, but also various adverse conditions. This ensures that your product is protected for a long time and maintains its quality no matter what challenges it is exposed to.

Conversion coating

Even better results of aluminium anodizing, durability and resistance in harsh conditions

If required, we can combine anodizing with a conversion coating to achieve even better result. This synergistic combination provides optimal protection and visual appearance of your products, ensuring durability and resistance under any conditions. We offer you a solution that exactly matches your needs and expectations. 


Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Offered parameters of anodized surfaces

Product dimensions

We provide anodizing of products with maximum dimensions of 1,300 x 1,000 x 300 mm.

Oxide layer thickness

The oxide layer formed during the anodizing process is measured in micrometers (µm). The layer thickness is carefully selected based on the specific requirements for durability and appearance of the surface. Our advanced technologies allow us to create layers with a thickness of 5 µm to over 25 µm.

Colouring process and visual appearance

One of the key advantages of anodizing is the option to highlight the surface in colour. The oxide layer can be coloured in a variety of shades to improve the visual appearance and highlight the functional elements of the product. The MESIT anodizing plant in Uherské Hradiště offers the following colour options of the anodizing process: black, red, blue, orange, green and bronze.

These colours of the anodized surface enrich the visual impression and increase the resistance of aluminium products to mechanical wear as well as chemicals and corrosion. This makes our products ideal for harsh industrial and outdoor environments. We focus on anodizing products for the aerospace, electrical and motorcycle industries, ensuring that the products look great and withstand various conditions.

Anodize Quality Control

Every step of the anodizing process is subject to careful inspection, testing and detailed documentation. We provide you with a certificate and report indicating the layer thickness, anodizing process type and other required parameters based on your technical specification. This mandatory documentation ensures consistency and reliability of results.

Interested in how we perform quality control of anodized parts? Click here to read more.


Anodizing in Uherské Hradiště

Anodizing in Uherské Hradiště

We supply customers not only in the Zlín Region, but also throughout the Czech Republic and abroad

The activities offered in the field of aluminium anodizing are carried out in our anodizing plant in Uherské Hradiště. Our customers are based not only in the Zlín Region; they come from all over the Czech Republic and abroad.

You can find us in the MESIT premises on Sokolovská St. in Mařatice. In this facility, we provide comprehensive engineering services - from casting production through CNC machining to high-quality surface protection.