Our services include a broad portfolio of surface protection including the application of conversion coatings, also known as chromating or aluminium passivation. We apply conversion coatings on aluminium, its alloys and castings. Our processes comply with ČSN EN 12487 and MIL-DTL-5541, which guarantees their quality and reliability. With conversion coatings from us, you are guaranteed not only excellent surface protection, but also compliance with the highest quality standards.

Why is conversion coating performed?

Why is conversion coating performed?

Conversion coatings are a key element for protecting the mechanical parts of your products. These coatings create a protective barrier against corrosion and other adverse effects. At the same time, they preserve surface quality and aesthetic appearance and improve the electrical properties of the surface. This ensures that your products withstand stress and remain visually attractive for longer. Our conversion coatings are designed with durability and reliability in mind to ensure your products stand up to all conditions.

Aluminium passivation SurTec 650 (Cr3+):

This conversion coating is known for its effective corrosion protection and the formation of a stable coating on the surface, also improving the conductivity of the processed parts.

Chromating Bonderite M-CR 1200 (Cr6+):

Another option is this conversion coating, which provides high corrosion resistance while contributing to long-term preservation of appearance.

Combination with anodized coating:

To enhance the protection and aesthetic appearance of your products, we can offer a combination of conversion coating and anodised coating. This will achieve maximum performance and long-term reliability. This synergistic combination ensures safety, durability and visual elegance that will appeal to your customers.


If modifications or additional maintenance of the coating is required, we are ready to provide high-quality rework services. With our expertise and precision, we will ensure that any modifications are carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Conversion coatings can be applied on products with maximum dimensions of 1010 x 700 x 350 mm.


Our processes comply with ČSN EN 12487 and MIL-DTL-5541.

Conversion coatings in Uherské Hradiště

Conversion coatings in Uherské Hradiště

Conversion coating of aluminium, its alloys and castings is carried out at our MESIT facility located on Sokolovská St. in Mařatice. Our services are appreciated by customers not only in the Zlín region, but throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.

In this facility, we provide not only electroplating services but also comprehensive services in engineering: production of castings, CNC machining, high-quality surface protection of various surfaces, etc.